The Gift of Giving

The Gift of Giving

Each year, people from all over the world express their generosity by supporting Dilgo Khyentse Fellowship. These gifts help the children, monks, and nuns living at Shechen in Nepal, India and Bhutan, and also support the framework and foundation that allows powerful spiritual and cultural traditions to continue.

Over the last few years, Edmond Antoine and Altruistic Odyssey have taken a special interest in the Shechen School. We asked Edmond, President of Altruistic Odyssey, what inspired them to choose the school as one of their main projects:
“Our mission at Altruistic Odyssey is to support projects on education and health in Nepal. Shechen Monastery’s vision to offer a modern education to young monks by giving them a secular public education as well as a religious one a very creative approach. We trust the way the school is managed with professionalism, effectiveness and compassion. We financed the computers in order to help students access knowledge in an easier and faster way.

As the school is expanding and welcoming new students and higher grades, we are supporting the creation of a library as well. We are proud to continue to be at the service of the Shechen Monastery’s vision to help more needy children of Nepal to gain a modern education.”
~ Edmond Antoine

The Shechen School has 135 resident children many of whom come from impoverished areas in Nepal. A well-rounded education is offered, including subjects such as Mathematics and Science, English, reading and writing in English, Nepali, and Tibetan, and of course, Buddhist studies. The support from Edmond, and Altruistic Odyssey, as well as from other donors, has made a huge difference, enabling us to supply the school with a library room and books, and an equipped computer room. Read more about Shechen School in our December 2017 newsletter.

Lay Ching Koay and the Penang Dharma Friends have also undertaken an impressive project to help the young monks. For the sixth consecutive year, Lay Ching has gathered together a group of 140 donors — friends, families, friends of friends — to collectively sponsor 49 Shechen monks annually. These sponsorships provide them with food, medical care, clothing, as well as support the cost of their training and education.

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