About Us




Altruistic Odyssey (AO) is a 501(c)3 organization created shortly after a devastating earthquake hit Nepal in May 2015. We aim to help under-served communities and endangered cultures in Nepal by supporting community driven projects in health, education and reconstruction.

We tackle issues through targeted projects in cooperation with individuals who represent these cultures and expand our connections within these communities. The targeted projects allow us to closely track our donations ensuring all proceeds are impacting those in need.

We have branches in both the United States and in France, and are working towards further expansion in the future.

``We fulfill our mission by providing aid in the form of education, healthcare, and rebuilding homes and other structures.``




Our Mission



In 2015, a series of mega earthquakes struck Nepal. The first 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck on April 25, followed by a 7.3 magnitude earthquake in May, not to mention the hundreds of high magnitude aftershocks. This natural disaster killed over 8,000 Nepalese people, injured another 22,000, and destroyed over 500,000 homes, displacing nearly 3 million people.


This tragedy ignited a passion to take action, and a group of like-minded but diverse professionals came together to form Altruistic Odyssey, Inc (AO). The name of the organization represents giving through altruism, as defined by renowned author Matthieu Ricard, and the united journey we are all on to improve the lives of others. Major NGOs do a remarkable job in getting most aid to most people in large urban areas where people can be more easily reached. AO seeks to help those in more remote, smaller villages that are difficult to access. By engaging with those communities, we support the preservation and strengthening of indigenous cultures. AO has direct connections with local stakeholders who can execute life-changing projects in real time. AO financially supports projects that are impactful, sustainable, and that the local community feels are critical. Rather than imposing our own priorities as outsiders, we listen and learn from our on-the-ground partners.


Although AO was formed out of a tragedy in Nepal, our goal is to help other communities around the world facing similar situations in dire need of assistance. The AO Board of Directors is “hands-on” and each has personally made the trip to Nepal and trekked into the Himalayan Mountains to meet with local people affected by the devastation in order to vet and approve projects first-hand. The Board has filed a 501c3 application with the U.S. IRS, pending approval. AO is dedicated to placing 93% of donations directly in the hands of those in need, with the other 7% used for IRS approved administrative support.

Board Members

Ed Antoine – President

Ed is the CEO and Founder of Team Global Network Inc. and Director of Team Global Network France, a business, individual and team coaching global boutique company.

Craig Frischling – Treasurer

Craig Frischling is an angel investor and member of The New York Angels. His portfolio focuses on B2C companies including travel, fashion, e-commerce, health, and wellness businesses.

Anne Corwith – Secretary

Anne is a Ph.D. candidate in International Education Policy focused on Education in Emergencies at the University of Maryland.

Jacques Ausenda

As Biochemistry Engineer Jacques worked for more than 35 years in a big Pharma involved in Industrial Operations

Prava Adhikari

Prava is a native Nepali. She was born and raised in the suburban area of Capital city of Nepal.

Javier Folgar

With over a decade of experience in Communications, Javier is a conservationist who served in key roles protecting wildlife and our natural & cultural resources.

Advisory Circle

Jhabindra Kumar Subedi

Jhabindra Kumar Subedi is a member of AO’s Advisory Circle

Pasang Sherpa

Pasang Sherpa is a founding member of AO.