Jacques Ausenda

Jacques met Ed during his own Heroes’ journey in 2014 in Nepal. As Biochemistry Engineer Jacques worked for more than 35 years in a big Pharma involved in Industrial Operations, around the world, from the Production facility to the management of several Industrial Sites in China. Spending its time and energy to lead projects and building teams to develop the Company’s growth. Jacques ended his career in 2014 as VP in charge of a Global Transformation Mission for all the Industrial Sites in the SANOFI Human Vaccine field.

Passionate and warm, Jacques retirement in the south of France allows him to rehabilitate a beautiful old fortified house, and, that was not enough, so he traveled with us in November 2015, and chose to be committed to making a difference in supporting the projects we have in Nepal.

Jacques is also building the “French” team of our organization. There may be an Altruistic Odyssey in France one day.