Craig Frischling – Treasurer

Craig Frischling is an angel investor and member of The New York Angels. His portfolio focuses on B2C companies including travel, fashion, e-commerce, health and wellness businesses. He is a board member or advisor for startups, including DermApproved, Stylinity and Selvera. Additionally, he has over two decades of operating and leadership experience in specialty chemicals (cosmetic ingredients), wellness (weight loss and nutrition), and brand marketing.

As president of Lipo Chemicals, Craig led a network of fifteen affiliated companies in thirteen countries which distributed, marketed, produced and developed a broad line of ingredients for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Previously, Craig worked in brand management for Weight Watchers International and consulting/field marketing for American Consulting Corporation.

Craig holds degrees in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania and Economics from The Wharton School.

Craig visited Nepal in 2012 on a trek led by Ed Antoine. After the 2015 earthquake, Craig joined Ed in his mission to support the rehabilitation and preservation of unique historical sites in Nepal. Through Altruistic Odyssey, he hopes to have the opportunity to help other threatened local cultures maintain their identities as they become more connected with the global community.