Sotang Primary Health Clinic

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Imagine living in a remote village where the only clinic in the area is dirty and missing medical equipment

Imagine only having access to an ill-equipped medical clinic. Imagine walking five long hours to reach this facility. Now, imagine walking there while having a pregnancy complication with no guarantee of survival. These scenarios are all a reality for women in the Sotang region of Nepal. One way in which this can be improved is through the donation of equipment in order for doctors to be able to perform C-sections. Altruistic Odyssey is supporting the Sotang Primary Health Clinic, a clinic in this remote region which treats over 45,000 people. When an AO team visited this clinic, we were humbled by the conditions it operates under and immediately wanted to support this cause as doctors are in dire need of proper and sanitary medical equipment. With your donation, this project will be able to save the lives of countless women and ensure future generations in these remote areas.


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