AO Visits Nepal

AO Visits Nepal

April 4, 2019

Ed and Prava recently touched down in Nepal to head out into the areas that Altruistic Odyssey has been helping to view completed projects, as well as to meet with leaders of schools and clinics in need of help.

Sotang College and Clinic
The first stop was at the Sotang College where Ed, Prava, and Manisha were the audiences of a presentation by students at the college. During this presentation, they showed how the computers that Altruistic Odyssey helped fund has benefited them.

The following day, they traveled to the Sotang Clinic to meet with health coordinator Sri Dhoz, who is leading the project at the clinic, and Dr. Karki, along with a fantastic team of health assistants. The Sotang Clinic is open to and serves 40,000 people in three surrounding districts. Fortunately, the government has recently approved for the hospital to expand and become a small hospital, changing from it’s smaller, current form. This approval will also aid in plans by Altruistic Odyssey to construct a C-Section room for the clinic. The proposal is currently in the works and is receiving help from other organizations, such as Lotus Heart and Sherpa Foundation.

Schechen Mahaboudha School
Altruistic Odyssey and the Schechen Mahaboudha School share a special connection. AO has assisted in the building of a first computer room and is now supporting the development of a new library! In addition, plans have also been approved for a new building as the school expands the grade levels taught.

Partnering with other organizations
While in Nepal, Ed and Prava had the opportunity to meet with two other organizations, Lotus Heart and Inner Wheel, to discuss current and future projects. Altruistic Odyssey is continually working with others to improve conditions for underserved communities. Lotus Heart is currently assisting in the proposal for a C-Section room for the Sotang Clinic.

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